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Increase Participation! Increase your profit! Aspire Fundraising has created various prize incentive programs to help increase participation by up to 25%, which will then increase profits! All of our programs incoporate a fun super-hero theme and have the best and most exciting prizes for the kids - maybe even a little something for the parents!

Along with all of the amazing prizes, you will receive a complete marketing campaign to promote your upcoming fund raiser. This campaign comes with complementary marketing materials, customized for your organization, and guaranteed to increase participation!



Choose from two fun and cumulative prize programs; “the Amazing Prize Circus” or “Prize Carnival”.


In addition to the prize brochures, receive these large incentive posters to help draw interest and increase participation even more! Our Participation Enhancing Posters give you a complete |marketing campaign to promote your upcoming fund raiser. You will get 5 additional posters which include “Emoji Keychain Incentive”, “Dates to Remember”, “Make up to 50% Profit”, “Parent Participation”, and “Where the Money Goes” posters.

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